platemockup If you are a resident of the state of Iowa and interested in helping spread Awareness for Childhood Cancer, we have a unique opportunity for you! We have applied to the Iowa Department of Transportation to add a new “Childhood Cancer Awareness” gold ribbon specialty plate to their list of available vehicle plates.  Our design has been approved and to make it a reality, we just need actual paid orders for 500 plates.  Once we have 500 applications, the State will run production on these plates and make them available to everyone in the state!  We have one year to collect 500 paid applications, but we think we can get to 500 faster than that! The pricing is exactly the same as any specialty plate.  $25 for a numbered plate and $50 for a personalized plate.  To be clear, none of this money actually goes to Beat Cancer Today.  If you would like to make an extra donation when you order your plate, you are more than welcome to, but the $25/$50 fees go to the state. If you are interested in ordering a plate, please fill out the application below.  Once you have filled out the application, you can use Dwolla or PayPal to pay for the plate or you can mail a check made out to Beat Cancer License Plates to: Beat Cancer Today, 308 E Burlington Street, #246, Iowa City, IA 52240. The most important thing is that you share this page with your friends and family so we can get as many people signed up to order Childhood Cancer Awareness plates as possible!  If for some reason we do not meet our goal of 500 applications, we will simply return the money to those that applied (any mailed checks will be held and not deposited until we reach 500). Thank you for helping us make this dream a reality and raising awareness for kids fighting to Beat Cancer Today! FAQ Q: How much do the plates cost? A: $25 for standard numbered plates and $50 for personalized plates (up to 5 characters). Q: When will I get my plates? A: That depends on how quickly we can reach 500 applications! It could take up to a year for us to receive enough applications to move into production.  Obviously we hope it’s faster than that, but if we haven’t reached 500 applications within 12 months, we will issue refunds.  Once we have 500 applications, it could take the State 6-8 weeks to print and have the plates ready. Q: What if you don’t reach 500 applications and I’ve applied? A: Obviously we hope to reach 500 applications within 12 months, but if we don’t, we will issue refunds to everyone.  Any physically mailed checks will be held onto and not cashed until we reach 500 applications. Q: How much money goes to Beat Cancer Today from these plates? A: None.  We are championing this effort because we believe that part of our mission is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the gold ribbon, much like breast cancer awareness has been raised by the pink ribbon and similar campaigns.  A state agency would have to agree to accept funding for Beat Cancer Today for us to receive any of the proceeds, which added further complications.  Anyone who wants to donate to Beat Cancer Today can certainly do so on our donation page or by adding more money to their check/dwolla/paypal amount! Q: Is this only for state of Iowa residents? A: Specialty plates are a “state by state” thing.  Missouri, for example, charges a $5k processing fee for a specialty plate to be created, which we don’t feel is the best use of our funds, so unless something were to change, we likely won’t be pursuing specialty plates in Missouri.  If you are interested in doing something like this in your state outside of Iowa, feel free to email us ( and let us know and we’ll look into it! Q: How do I pay for the plate? A: Once you have filled out the application, you can mail a check made out to Beat Cancer License Plates to: Beat Cancer Today, 308 E Burlington Street, #246, Iowa City, IA 52240.  Remember, numbered plates are $25 each and personalized plates are $50 each.  If you want to pay online, you can choose one of the options below to pay (PayPal prices are $26/$51.75 to cover processing fees):
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